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by Nancy Dorn, Senior Vice President, Bank Operations

Let’s face it, life is hectic.  Work, family and home life, plus any extra activities occupy the majority of our time during the day and early evenings. Most people don’t have physical access to a bank during this time – which is when the banks are open!  ATMs made banking more convenient for people who also work banker’s hours, but what’s even more convenient is having access to 24-hour banking, seven days a week from any of your portable devices.  An estimated 51 percent of Americans use online banking, and that number is growing. 

Skittish about having your financial information communicated online?  Worried about financial mistakes or breaches of security?  Here are a few myths about online banking, with tips to help ease your mind a bit:

Myth:  Online banking risks your personal and financial security.
Truth:  Online banking is safe and secure, if you follow the advice of your banking institution regarding passwords and online safety.  In fact, it’s more secure than shopping online, which is done by nearly 79 percent of Americans.

Myth:  Your account can get hacked no matter how safe the site.
Truth:  Yes, it can get hacked, but you can make it less likely by taking steps to prevent intruders.   These include strong passwords, firewalls, two-step authentication and anti-virus programs. 

Myth:  You shouldn’t use your portable device for online banking.
Truth:  It’s probably safer to use your phone or your tablet for online banking if you use your data plan, which has built-in protection.  It’s more difficult for a hacker to get into cellular data than it is to steal passwords from network traffic.

Myth:  You can use online banking anywhere.
Truth:  Sure, you can use it anywhere, but be careful about using public WiFi.  The safest networks require passwords and/or answers to security questions. 

Banks offering online banking also have secure banking procedures.  The systems are user-friendly, allowing customers to transfer money between accounts, pay bills online, set up automatic payments, deposit checks, and many other things.  It’s convenient to access your account from anywhere, anytime.  If you want to learn more about fitting banking into your busy lifestyle with online banking, contact us at Jarrettsville Federal to get started.

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