The Jarrettsville Federal Blog


by John Reale

If you’re in the market for a loan – whether it’s a home mortgage, commercial loan, home equity or business loan, you’ll be faced with options, rates, fees and terms.  Finding the right loan specialist and financial institution is an important part of the process.  In fact, it might be the single determining factor in doing long-term business.  You may prefer a large national bank, a regional bank with several offices, or a community bank with just a few or a single office.  Once you decide on size, your next question should be, “Who will handle my loan?”

First, decide what kind of service you’d like to receive.  If it’s your first time applying for a mortgage, you may need some extra help and TLC.  You want to choose a loan officer with whom you feel comfortable.  Even if you’re an experienced loan applicant, you still want to be comfortable with your loan officer and know that they are knowledgeable and experienced with your best interests in mind. 

That person should be:

  •  Knowledgeable about interest rates and the industry norms
  • Willing to spend the time required to educate you about your options
  • Easy to understand, explaining the terms of the loan in terms you can grasp
  • Available when you have questions or concerns
  • Open to feedback and your questions, taking them all seriously
  • Timely with paperwork and return calls or correspondence
  • Customer-service driven, putting clients first
  • Hands-on with your loan
  • Experienced in the loan area in which you are applying

You’re looking for a loan specialist.  Whether that means making you feel special or having a specialty in the field, it should always be about customer service.

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