The Jarrettsville Federal Blog


by Gary Barnoff

Ten years ago, taking a picture of a check and beaming it to your banking institution would have been met with curious stares and panicked looks.  Being able to handle transactions without even leaving your desk was only a glimmer on the computer superhighway.  Today, all of this – and more-- is possible. 

The future of banking is today.  It’s anytime, anywhere banking that’s flexible, secure and convenient, if you know how to use it.


Mobile banking allows you to do your banking on your smart phone, iPad or other mobile device, giving you access to your financial information anytime, anywhere.  Once you install the app and register your password, you can do just about any banking transaction remotely – from depositing a check to moving money between accounts.


Mobile banking is secure.  Banks and creditors take great pains and go to a lot of expense to make sure their systems are airtight.  Reputable institutions make sure that all data is encrypted so that your identity and your financial information is safe and remains private.  You can contribute to your own security by maintaining strong passwords, being careful about the devices you use for your transactions, opening only familiar e-mails and links from trusted sources and being smart about sharing confidential information.


Just as you can use various electronic devices to access your accounts, you can use a variety of ATMs to get your physical cash.  You should never have to pay a surcharge fee to access your own money.  Jarrettsville Federal is part of the MoneyPass® system of ATMs, a network of more than 33,000 surcharge-free ATMs.   MoneyPass will be adding 8,000 more locations in 7-Eleven stores nationwide.  No longer will travelers need to fear the ATM at the rest stop on the Interstate highway.  Customers can feel confident that they can access their money and not have to pay extra for it.  The roll-out for the 7-Eleven stores will begin August 20 and is estimated to be completed within six months.  On the way to Grandma’s house for Christmas, stop at a 7-Eleven to access or manage your holiday funds.  What could be more convenient than that? 

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