One of Jarrettsville Federal’s long-standing traditions is to give back to the community. The people who live and work in our area are our valued customers, and we take every opportunity to help them. You’ll see our team members supporting events around town and volunteering at their local non-profit organizations. You’ll see Jarrettsville Federal supporting schools, libraries and fund raisers throughout the community as we are able to. Here are just a few of our efforts:


Jarrettsville Federal will offer a Community Shred Day Saturday, May 28th from 9am to noon

The perfect time to shred you documents that contain personal/ sensitive information. This is the most safe, secure way to help protect your identity as well as clean up the clutter! Best of all…it’s FREE!

Paper items only please.

Every day, trash cans contain our personal information on a wide range of documents we casually discard.  A good rule of thumb is to shred anything containing signatures, account numbers, social security numbers, credit card offers, and any legal or medical information.

Types of items identity thieves look for include:
• Bank account statements
• Credit card statements
• Pre-approved credit card offers and applications
• Investment/Pension statements
• Legal Documents
• Identification cards
• Tax forms
• Phone and Utility Bills
• Canceled checks
• Unused credit card checks
• Pay Stubs
• Medical insurance claim and policy information

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